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The Raw Power of Automated Income

Automation, and getting more money for doing less work while you are sleeping is what this online marketing game is really all about.  A friend of mine told me about this little ‘trick’ he was pulling when I was in Atlanta.  Basically he discovered a service that automatically creates articles and blog posts for you, set it up on autopilot, and just let it work for him.

What he told me was that he set this into action(which took about a days worth of work), forgot about it, and made an extra butt load of cash over the next six months.  This is essentially what my friend told me:

“I just set this up to post automatically to my blog 5 times a day, I spun the hell out of a resource box, and then I forgot about it.  About 3 months later the sales started rolling in, and this crazy little tool made me an extra $50,000 or so over the course of the six months that followed.”

Well, I don’t know about you, but that piqued my interest.  As you can probably see from this blog, I write all of my own articles here.  However, I am a huge fan of the concept behind Timothy Ferriss’s ‘4 Hour Workweek’ so I listened hard.  If you haven’t read that book yet, it’s a great read that talks about the power of automation and outsourcing, so you can make more money with less work.


Most of you here that are following me know that I am a big promoter of the Empower Network.  Keeping that in mind, a lot of you are probably wondering why I am always posting on this blog verses my Empower Network Viral Blogging System.  Well, the answer is simple:

I post on both.

The difference is that I set up my Viral Blogging system to automatically do 10 posts a day for me.  I spun the hell out of a resource box using a high quality article spinning tool(click here to see the spinner I use, and yes of course this is an affiliate link), and I set the whole thing on Autopilot.  Occasionally, I use the article building tool to create a custom article, spend about 5 minutes editing it, and then post another article to the blog as well.  It literally takes about 5 to 10 minutes to create a nice blog post, which eliminates the excuse people make sometimes:

“I don’t know what to blog about…”

Here is an article that I built the other day in about 5 minutes(Click Here to see the Article).  All I did was create an article with this little tool, went back and put titles at the beginning of each idea, uploaded a picture, assigned tags and categories to it, put a couple of words in bold, wrote about a paragraph, and then I was done.  If you surf around the recent posts on that blog you’ll notice that a lot of the articles that have been posted there aren’t quite as nice looking; those are the ones that are posting automatically without me doing anything at this point.

Then I plugged the rss feed into my Onlywire account for a few social media back-links, and count on ‘long tail keywords’ to work their magic over time.  A lot of those posts will probably never get much traffic, but some of them will get traffic through random searches, and then the person that finds the post is on my Empower Network Blog which is optimized to get leads and sales.

That is why I recommend the Viral Blog to anyone that is starting to market online, because it takes a whooooooole lot of work and knowledge to set up a blog in a way that is optimized to turn traffic into leads and sales.  It is much better to simply drive traffic to something that converts, verses trying to figure out 4,000 things at once.

Just to illustrate how awesome and fast this is, I just cut this video while I was writing this post, where I created a custom post live in just 15 minutes(keep in mind this is in addition to the ones I have posting automatically for me:

Here’s a link to that blog post that I just finished creating live(Click Here).

So is this going to make me an extra $50,000 over the next six months?

Beats me, but the way I look at it, if you shoot for the stars, you might hit the moon, but if you shoot for the sky, you might end up dragging your feet on the ground.  This automatic blog posting service is only $297 per year, so if it even gets me one sale in the primary business that I promote that gets the ‘Whole Shebang’ it will pay for itself 6-10 times over.

Good deal…

…and if it makes me an extra $50,000 dollars, well, that is just gravy.

UPDATE:  I tested this tool in several different ways, and found that the best way to use it is to bag the “Automatic Post 10x Per Day” strategy, and to create the articles in there manually(which takes seconds at the push of a button), and then spend about 5 minutes editing it.

This way you can change the title, put a few headlines in there, add some extra tags, etc.  If you use the “Automatic Posting” strategy, I recommend 1 time per day, and then editing some or all of them after they have been set to post.

Another great use for it is to use it for content creation that you use to create “Link Wheels” in SEO.  I’m not going to get into how to do that right now, but if you do SEO, you probably know what I am talking about.


Because of the nature of this software, it has a limited amount of people that can buy it.  I don’t know for sure whether or not it will be available when you click on the button below to buy it.  If it is, I recommend picking it up.

 Get Your Article Robots Here ==>

P.S. Seriously, this is a great tool for fast content creation.  You can use the tricks I teach in my Free Blogging Bootcamp to pimp out your posts in minutes, and then make money by driving traffic to them.

Register for your FREE Blog Training Bootcamp today if you have not already.


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  1. Rain
    4 years ago

    If this actually works, this is probably the best post I have read all year. I hate writing, but I love money. 50k really?

    • Aki
      4 years ago

      Just to be clear Rain, in most cases I don’t think this should be a replacement for writing your own material, or cutting your own videos(in most cases). This is just a pretty easy way to create extra traffic. I’m digging it, and enjoying toying around with the software.

  2. Jaime
    4 years ago

    Hey Aki,

    How goes it? I liked your video about the EN pimp… great stuff. I too, love the aspect of automation… sure helps get more things done… but, I still like writing… thanks for the cool article and posting it in the internet marketing group on FB… have an awesome day… keep pimpin’…lol

    • Aki
      4 years ago

      I’m with you Jaime, I love writing and making videos too. I’m never going to stop doing that, or encourage anyone to. However, the truth about the game at the end of the day is that traffic is king. If I can get more traffic and sales through outsourcing and automation, AND work less, well shit, that’s a pretty damn good deal for me. ;)

      LMAO, thanks for the shout out on the EN Pimp video; that capture page cracks me up. Unfortunately Facebook wouldn’t approve me to send any ppc there :( Fascist bastards(that’s okay though, I’ll still keep pimpin’ it). Thanks for stopping by and commenting my friend! -Aki

  3. Mike Hobbs
    4 years ago

    NICE! Just the kind of software I would love!


    • Aki
      4 years ago

      Mike, that is because you are the kind of badass that understands the power of automation. You are pimp my friend. ;) -Aki

  4. Born27
    4 years ago

    Hi Aki!
    Is this really work? I want to learn more about this job. I hope you can give us more info about this..Thanks!

    • Aki
      4 years ago

      Yes, the service works. I’ve been using it to auto-post to one of my blogs several times a day, and the posts are getting some traffic.

  5. Roland Leveille
    3 years ago

    Aki… Awesome post and video my friend. I can see this product being a real time saver. This is the shit I need. Thanks for sharing, very valuable. As usual, your blog is highly entertaining. I don’t want to leave. haha.

    Roland Leveille

    • Aki
      3 years ago

      Lol, yeah I aim to entertain. Yeah, this auto poster is an epic service. I’ve started doing a little bit of editing on the auto posts, but I’m still whipping out great posts in about 5 minutes. Thanks for the feedback Roland.

  6. garryharper1
    3 years ago

    WOW!! That’s amazing mate I will be practicing that one ,,,that’s huge thanks mate,,,,,have a great day n congrats on the 100,000 in EN

    • garryharper1
      3 years ago

      ps what is the DUNNY ROLL for next to the compter??? hey? hey?

      • Aki
        3 years ago

        Haha… I was probably blowing my nose and out of kleenex…

        …and I am fully aware of the implications of a man having a toilet paper roll next to the computer ;) Have a good one Gary.

    • Aki
      3 years ago

      Yeah, its a pretty fun little tool.

  7. Karl Brenneisen
    2 years ago

    Hey Aki! once again you are making this way too easy for us newbies! But I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart(and wallet) for giving this information to people like me who are just sick and tired of working everyday so someone else can get richer while the regular good guys just get to “get through life”. Here’s to everyone’s success! thank you!!

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