Empower Network International Expansion

What Countries Are The Empower Network In?

This list is of course subject to change, but as of today, we are in all of the following countries in alphabetical order:

This list is for our “E-wallet” which is the way people pay and are paid in the Empower Network. I believe there are 174 countries listed here, and likely more to come.

A better question is almost, “Where is the Empower Network not?”

Well, pretty much nowhere, we are expanding all over the globe at an exponential rate. It is only 1:23 in the afternoon right now, and already today we have registered members in the following countries(yes this is just today):

1. Australia
2. Bangladesh
3. Canada
4. Germany
5. United Kingdom
6. Ireland
7. Israel
8. India
9. Italy
10. Trinidad
11. United States

…and like I said it is only early afternoon right now. Before we even had a sustainable payment solution we already had business in over 100 countries. Now that we can pay and be paid in over 170 countries, our growth is expanding exponentially!

So why are we growing so fast?  Why have we been able to pay out over $4 Million in commissions in just over 4 months?  Why is this the hottest, fastest growing company in the niche? What is so attractive about this?  Is it the Leadership?  Is it the Product?  Is it the Compensation Plan?

Well, the answer is “YES” to all of it: great products, great leadership, and the most bad-ass compensation plan you have ever seen…

…”100% Commissions!”

That’s right, 100% of the revenue taken in from the sale of our products gets paid back to the affiliates, and you even have the ability to leverage the growth of a team.

Yep, “Holy Shit” is right.

So what are the products?  Well, they are the most cutting edge, up to date training that is available in the Network and Affiliate Marketing niche PERIOD!  They are info products, so we can pay 100% on them.  They are primarily developed by my brother, David Wood, and the co-founder of the company, David Sharpe.

Dave and Dave are masters in this industry, and are pulling together the best talent around to create the best products on the market…

…but let’s be honest, you could give a rats ass about that.

99% of people that get into this industry do it for 1 reason and 1 reason only: “To Make More Money”

100% commissions upfront AND residual means that you can make more money faster than in anything else… AND you can use our products to sell more and make more in your primary Network or Affiliate marketing company.

That is just cool.  Let me tell you a story:

Several years ago, I flew to Chicago to listen to some of the top leaders in the Network Marketing industry train on how to have success in this business.  Randy Schroeder(an industry legend) got up on the stage, and said something like this:

“I used to market for a weight loss company, and as far as I could tell all the product did was give people gas and diarrhea, but it didn’t matter.  The real product in this industry is giving people the ability to have a better life, make more money, and live their dreams.  That is why people join this industry, the product is secondary…”

Just a general disclaimer, that is not an exact quote because I am giving it from memory, but it is the general concept.  What do people really want from this industry…

…be HONEST…what do You want?

To make more money, make it fast, drive the cars you want, have the lifestyle you want, and do more of what you want to do.

The vision of the Empower Network is to deliver exactly that.  You see, there has been a gap in the industry where it takes a LOOOONG time, or at least one hell of a lot of sales, to make enough money to turn a significant profit.  The Empower Network fills that gap.

I’m not bagging anything else, hell, I’m saying keep selling it on the back end(or the front end and sell this on the back end).  The point is that this is a way for you to make money fast.

People around the world are chanting, “100% Commissions.”

We are growing faster than hell all over the globe.

The Pie is being baked…

…Are you going to get your slice?

I’m Aki Wood, a leader with the company; my brother, David Wood, and David Sharpe started this company with one mission in mind:

To help you stop struggling in this industry, and build something where the new person could make money fast.  This concept isn’t built for the ‘guru on the top of the mountain,’ this is for the people.

I’m inviting you to take a journey with me to help improve your own life, and lives of others all over the world.  Let’s have you getting paid what you are worth, all of it…

…100% Commissions.

I’m inviting you to become a part of my inner circle, so you can start changing your life today.  For as little as $25/month for our blogging product, and a $19.95 affiliate fee, you can start earning 100% commissions today.

It’s time to go out there, grab life by the balls and make a decision.  Simply click the Link Below, Fill out the form, and lets get you started on your journey to freedom.  It is time to take action now.

Lets Rock,

P.S. Seriously, I am a leader with the Empower Network, and I am dead serious about expanding this all over the globe. There has never been a better time to make money on the internet than there is right now.

Join forces with me, become a part of my inner circle, and let me help you reach your goals. Welcome to the team.

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  1. James
    4 years ago

    Cool, I’ve been looking for a list of countries that we are in, thanks Aki!

  2. Justin Verrengia
    3 years ago

    Badass post Aki, this is a great resource, thanks for sharing brutha. Looking forward to chillin’ in Austin with you and Kela. Love & Light – JV

    • Aki
      3 years ago

      Hell yeah, Austin is going to be a good time. I’m glad I could help you all out.

  3. Rhandell Mitchell
    3 years ago

    This is definitely a sweet ass resource. Thanks for sharing this pimp…lol

    • Aki
      3 years ago

      Lol, no problem brotha; glad I could help.

  4. Angelo Gianni
    3 years ago

    This post is bad a$$ Aki, keep them coming!

    • Aki
      3 years ago

      I always do brotha ;) Thanks for stopping by.

  5. janelle
    3 years ago

    Thanks! Great resource!

    • Aki
      3 years ago

      You bet Janelle, thanks for stopping by.

  6. Isaac Orantes
    3 years ago

    Hell Ya.. I love this kind of expansion… We are here to stay as a movement a community of fearless and a revolution in the world… This is the most badass part, Freedom is Shareable, so why not Get it and share it… ;) … Empower is better vehicle to do this..!

    • Aki
      3 years ago

      Yeah, it is killer to see how fast everything is growing. Hell, we just packed about 1,000 people in a room in Singapore. Epic vehicle, I agree.

  7. Scott Dietzel
    3 years ago

    Great post Aki…Thanks for sharing this info. This just goes to show how big and BAD ASS in Less than a year this movement has become. Just think what another year is going to do. We’ll be adding Mars and Jupiter and a few other planets …Lol!!!

    Rock On Brotha!!!

    • Aki
      3 years ago

      Lmao… yeah, if we expand to Mars, I want in on speaking at the first meeting.

  8. Mark Browne
    3 years ago

    I’m a Canadian citizen, but I’ve been living in Cambodia for almost 6 years. Would I be able to use one of my Cambodian bank accounts to collect any commissions I might earn on the EN?

    If that were the case, I’m assuming I would pay taxes on the money earned in Cambodia.

    • Aki
      3 years ago

      Honestly Mark, I would THINK that could work either way depending on how you arranged to get the money to Cambodia. For instance I imagine you could have it put into a Canadian bank account and transfer it.

      However, that is a tax question, and I’m a marketer not a tax man. I would ask a tax guy about that, because the bottom line is that I’m not sure. If I were you, I would get started, get set up, start earning commissions, and figure it out when before it came time to do taxes.

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