Honest, Blunt, Wealth2Xtreme Review…

What is Wealth2Xtreme?

Nick, a friend of mine in the industry, recommended this program to me…

I honestly thought it was a little schemey looking when he introduced it to me, so I decided to investigate further.  This is probably going to be the most honest review on the internet that you will find on this program, because even though I did join it, I would rather deliver facts, rather than hype and bullshit, so you are going to get the pros and the cons, as they are, straight up.  Oh, you are also going to want to read this review because I give some great training on paid advertising in it.

I’ll start this off with a video tour of the back-office so you can get a good insiders look at the members area.

W2X Back-Office Video Tour:

Wealth 2 Xtreme(or W2X) is a fairly new internet program that pays out 100% commissions.  The comp plan is pretty easy to understand:  You pass up your 2nd and 4th referral, and keep all of the rest.  You either get 100% commissions, or nothing; it’s really kind of like the Empower Network comp plan(if you are familiar with it), but there are only 2 passups ever.

It’s free to join, and $5 to upgrade so you can start earning commissions.  You can earn commissions for whatever levels you have activated; there are 12 levels.  If a referral that is coded to you activates all 12 levels, that is worth over $20,000 to you so long as you have activated ahead of them.

For this reason, people need to stay activated ahead of their referrals, or they get an email that says, “You just lost a commission.”  No one likes to lose commissions, so if someone does decide to join the program, I recommend activating the first 4 levels or so(which is about $75 total).

It’s smart to to that anyways, and I’ll tell you why here in the next section…

What Are The Products?

Every legal company has to have products.  The product from Wealth2Xtreme.com is banner ad impressions,  text ad impressions, and leads.  The initial $5 investment gets you 5,000 banner ad impressions AND 5,000 text ad impressions.  The higher the level you activate, the more banner/text ad impressions you get. You start getting ‘buyer leads’ starting at level 4.

This is why I recommend activating through level 4(if you want to join)…

…If you understand anything about paid advertising, 5000(or 10,000 even if you count the text and banner ads) impressions to an ad isn’t squat.  If you are expecting to pay $5, get 10,000 impressions and get a whole bunch of leads, you need to get out of the ‘Noobie Zone’ and wake the hell up.

Paid Marketing Training Tips: It takes a lot of impressions to get a lot of leads.  For example, one of the Facebook PPC ads I have running right now(I have a couple) has a budget of $5 a day.  I started this ad 2 days ago, and it has gotten a little over 19,000 impressions, I’ve spent $10.13, and I believe I have gotten 4 or 5 leads from it.  The key to good advertising is at least breaking even.  That particular offer(Click Here to see it) pays $150/sale, so even if it takes 1 month before I make a sale it is worth it.


Well, a lead on an email list is worth on average $1/month.  Let’s say I get 2 leads a day with a budget of $5/day.  That is 60 leads in a month, which is likely worth at least an extra $60 per month in up-sells through my funnel(hey, I offer good products, and people buy them sometimes).  Well, if I even sold 1 of the product that pays$150 in commissions(which honestly with 60 leads, I would probably sell AT LEAST 6, probably 10), I would have broken even to make an extra $60 per month…

…Just a little ‘paid advertising 300′ there for ya…

Bringing it Back to W2X

You can see from the numbers, that the cost per impressions is similar to that of paid ads on Facebook(if you want more solid proof of that, click here, and it will take you to the niche blog I built for this: I did a ‘Live’ experiment with the product there).  You can also see why I recommend buying into at least level 4.  5,000 impressions for an ad isn’t nearly enough to split test anything, and really not enough to generate a whole lot of leads.

If you have enough impressions to work with, you can figure out which ad is getting the best numbers(W2X has reporting in the back office on the number of clicks, etc), assign more impressions to that ad, and then try to come up with another one that converts better.

Another reason would be of course to stay ahead of your referrals so that you don’t get an email that says, “You just lost a commission.”  Losing commissions sucks; the last reason to upgrade to at least level 4 is that you can try all of the products, once you get to level 4, you also start getting ‘Buyer Leads.’  Buyer leads are the best kind(with of course the exception of generating your own) because that means they are someone that has recently bought something in the niche.

True Story:  I honestly got into Wealth2Xtreme just to test it out as an advertising source for my primary business.  At first, I wasn’t getting great results, but as I continued to split test my ads, my conversions went up, and I started to get some leads.  When I finally got around to emailing the email leads from activating the higher levels, I was surprised.  I got a ton of leads just from sending out 1 email, and got some sales from my primary program.

I’ve made more money than I initially invested from promoting the program itself, AND I’ve gotten leads and sales for my primary program.  I’m honestly a satisfied customer, and will continue to use and promote the program as long as it stays around(which will hopefully be for a long time).

So what are the downsides to Wealth2Xtreme?

Well, for one, the website looks super Schemey.  It’s got this chick rocking her “O” face holding up a big wad of cash, cropped over a sports car, some palm trees, and some stupid looking guy in a bike helmet and sunglasses standing next to a Russian-looking hooker.

Also, I’m a pretty good copywriter, and I’ve got to say that the replicated videos on the join page really don’t do it for me either.  They are a little over the top.  Unfortunately, the back office doesn’t show your referrals phone numbers at this time either, so it is a little hard to up-sell, or coach your team.  For me that works okay, because this is a secondary program that I am promoting, and the way the program works people shouldn’t really need a lot of coaching to use it…

…but it would be nice to have the phone numbers.

The last negative is that it isn’t as easy for people to pay as I would like.  When people are ready to buy, they have to go through one of the approved payment methods rather than just using their credit card.  This isn’t the end of the world, but it does hurt conversions to a degree(this may be changed in the future).

Is Wealth2Xtreme Legal?

Probably is the answer to that question.  I was in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago, and had the chance to sit down and have dinner with a high end Network Marketing Attorney.  I explained the program to him, and asked him that very question.  In a nutshell, this is what he said:

“There are a lot of gray areas in the law, and frankly it is really hard to determine that without dissecting a program.  A lot of the old laws were written in the 1970’s and don’t apply to everything today because the market has changed.”

It’s actually really funny.  You see a bunch of these idiots on YouTube that act like they are lawyers and know the law because they looked something up.  Sorry boys and girls, the law is a lot more complex than that.  Leave it to the experts and just promote the programs you like.  I’ve learned a lot about this because my brother David owns the Empower Network, and he has spent a lot of time and money making sure everything is perfectly legal(the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed) in that program.

Will Wealth2Xtreme be around forever?

Who knows; it’s a start-up company.  New companies come and go.  Personally, I looked at the pros and cons, and this is the conclusion that I came up with:

This is a great way for people to start learning the world of paid advertising.  Not only that, it is paid advertising that you can sell, so it can essentially become a “Free” source of advertising for your business(or a “Self Funded Advertising Source” as I like to call it), when you promote it.

That’s how it worked out for me.  I only promoted it a little bit(I think I sent out 3 emails to a relatively small list, wrote a couple of reviews, and cut a couple of YouTube videos), I made more money than I spent, and I got leads, advertising and sales for my primary company.  Oh, that is one more thing I should note:

I’ve noticed some ‘not so intelligent’ marketers advertising Wealth2Xtreme on the W2X site.  They are wasting their advertising because virtually everyone on the site is already in it; you should have another program to promote if you are advertising on the site(This is the main thing that I promote there).

So Is The W2X Program For You?

That is up to you to decide.  Personally, I think it is a great way to advertise your business, it has been a positive experience for me, and I think that worst case scenario, it is a good lesson in paid advertising for a noobie.  If you have a big list, or really any moderate list at all, you could probably turn it into a self funded advertising source pretty quickly(I did with very little effort).

Either way, now you have the facts so you can make a decision for yourself.

P.S. I recommend not being a weenie about it, and just giving it a go. It’s only a few bucks, and if you play your cards right, you can turn it into a small fortune.

So go ahead, make a smart decision, take action, Click Here Now, and use Wealth2Xtreme to promote your business. Oh, and if you happen to be marketing for the Empower Network, I have some banner ads that I can send you that have gotten some leads(but you have to buy the system from me first, and at least upgrade through level 4).  I can also show anyone that gets in the program the emailer system that I am using; I don’t even get any commissions for selling that so you know it’s legit(I always am anyways, I’m just sayin’).

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  1. Jerry
    4 years ago

    Thanks Aki, I’ve been reading reviews on this damn program for about an hour, and this is the first one that actually broke it down honestly. I think I’ll probably do it, but either way, at least I have some legit info now.

    • Aki
      4 years ago

      Yeah, you’ll find a lot of people that are so hell bent on selling people that they won’t lay the facts down as they are. I’m just being real about it; there pros and cons, and from a personal standpoint I wouldn’t make it my primary business, but overall I think it is a pretty solid program.

  2. James
    4 years ago

    Honestly, I’m still debating the program(it seems cool, but does look a little ‘Schemey’ as you put it), but I just wanted to say thanks for the paid advertising training. I’m kind of new to this and those tips should really help out. You rock man.

    • Aki
      4 years ago

      No problem James, I’m glad you found it useful. Yeah, the program is good, but probably not for everyone. If you decide to do it, I’ll do what I can to help you get going; otherwise, good luck.


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