My Lead Company “No BS” Review: The Good, The Bad, The Fugly

For Those Who Don’t Like Reading:

If you scroll down, I did a very short, concise review in video format that will satisfy most of your questions.  I do however encourage you to read this first and then watch the video, because this write-up goes into more depth.  The video is great though, I shot it out in the middle of nowhere and was almost hit by stray bullets from a hunter…lol.  You gotta love Alaska.

Important Update: If You are reading this review, you are probably considering My Lead Company as a business opportunity. There have been a lot of technical difficulties with the Launch. You should definitely read this before making a decision: “No Bullshit” Truth About My Lead Company.

I would rather that you had all the facts before flying into something based off of hype. Your welcome. -Aki


Third Party Review

I almost didn’t do this review on my main blog, because the main purpose of this site is to deliver value, training and entertainment, without trying to “Pitch” everybody on the “New Deal of the Week.”  You won’t find any “sign up” links in this review.

This in depth review will give you as much of a “Third Party” review as is possible.  I’m taking off my marketing hat for the moment, and I’m just going to lay the facts down to you as they are, without all the bullshit and fluff.

Problems With The Company

Let’s take off the gloves for a minute and take a real look at all of the potential problems with the company.  First of all, the company websites look like they were designed by a 2 year old.  There are a bunch of bobble head, chia-pet, raggedy looking miniature cartoon characters plastered all over it.

J.R. Jackson(the company owner) said they did it on purpose, “…Our message is supposed to be fun…”  J.R. has more experience and a better track record than just about anyone in the Network Marketing industry, so I’m sure he knows what he is doing…

…buuuuut, I’ll be first to admit that my first though when I looked at the website was, “What is this, another one of those Internet scams from India to steal people’s credit card information?”  Just to be clear, it turns out that it isn’t a scam, but I’ll get to that in a minute.  Right now, we’re talking about the potential problems with My Lead Company.

The next problem is that it is brand new, and most MLM companies fail in the first 2 years.  Any time you align yourself with a “Ground Floor Pre-Launch Act Now Mega-Opportunity,” you risk building a downline just to lose it when the company goes under.  New MLM companies are a lot like risky stocks: higher potential for gain, but you could lose your investment.

The last problem is that they are having technical difficulties getting the company launched.  This really isn’t My Lead Companies fault though.  They went into Pre-Launch on the 1st of October, and people started joining so fast that it nearly crashed the server they were on, so they had to move the website and hosting to a dedicated server.  Over 10,000 people joined in the first 15 days; they opened in 190 countries simultaneously during pre-launch.

On top of that, they pay their reps, and receive payments for their product with AlertPay(you’ll need an account if you ever decide to market for them), and Alert Pay is having “credit card acceptance” issues, at the same time the launch was supposed to be.

My Lead Company’s official launch was supposed to be on October 15th, 2011, but because of the “technical difficulties” they’ve had to push it back to sometime next week(probably between the 18th and 24th).

So What’s Good About it?

Well, it solves the #1 and #2 problem that faces every Network Marketer in the game:

  1. Who do I talk to?
  2. How do I talk to them?

People get moved into inaction when they get into MLM because they have no idea what to do next.  They need leads, and a lot of people don’t want to talk to their friends and family because they’ve done it before and ended up in the NFL club(No Friends Left).

My Lead Company’s product is Leads, so now, right off the bat people don’t have an excuse.  The product itself gives you people to talk to.

People can use the leads for whatever company they want so it doesn’t compete with whatever else you might be working on.  Most new MLMs try to get leaders to “Jump Ship” or switch focus.  My Lead company is designed to work in Harmony with a Network Marketer’s primary company.

My opinion is that anyone that decides to use My Lead Company should have another primary company that they market for.  The nature of the product is perfect for building 2 or more down-lines simultaneously.

My Lead Company acts as a perfect “Lead-In” to solve the Lead Problem people are having, and if your distributors ever becomes dissatisfied with their primary program, you’ve now built a relationship with them, so your primary company may interest them more.  After all, MLM is a relationship business, and people get into business with you, and stay in business with you if they like you and trust you.  It’s the classic “Bait and Switch,” and quite frankly a brilliant marketing platform(in my opinion).

Revolutionary Compensation Plan

J.R. Jackson is boasting My Lead Company as “The first ever Straight Line Compensation Plan.”  You’ve heard of the binary, matrix, and uni-level comp plans, but this is different and unique.  Everybody in the company is in one straight line, down one leg.  The master distributor for the company is Chad West, and everyone in the company is down one straight leg, underneath him.

You can actually get paid on people in the down-line, whether you brought them in or not.  J.R. has an international copyright claim on it because everyone said, “It couldn’t be done” when he came up with the concept.  J.R. Jackson took his money, found some programmers that could make it happen and proved them wrong.

The Bottom Line

My Lead Company is not an internet scam.  It is a legitimate company that is debt free, and was funded completely out of J.R. Jackson’s pocket.  The product is Leads, something that every Network Marketer needs and wants.

It doesn’t compete with your primary company, and can produce another income stream.  J.R. has personally sponsored thousands of people and built multiple downlines in MLM companies.  He did it all through working leads, so the training on what to do with the leads comes with being a distributor for the company for free.

It is completely free to join, the company replicated websites are free, and you can buy as many or as little leads as you like.  Packages start as low as $25/week for 200 leads.  If you don’t buy any leads you will get “Leap-Frogged.”  Or, in other words, you will lose your spot in the straight line compensation plan and be bumped beneath the last paying member.

You are also able to create your own lead sites online where you can sell leads if you don’t want to buy any for yourself.

You Don’t need to know google or seo.  I’ll be the first to admit that the best leads you can get are ones that you generate yourself.  The truth is that internet marketing has a learning curve to it, and takes a considerable amount of time, and patience.

My Lead Company has leads you can talk to tomorrow(well as soon as they launch anyways), and the training on how to utilize the “Laws of Large Numbers.”

…Hell guys, regardless of what I say either way, it’s a bit of a crap-chute.  It’s a new company, and it could fail, and it could make it big.  The good news is that giving it a try won’t break the bank, and the nature of the product will give you people to talk to.

I’ve personally analyzed and dissected hundreds of companies, and I will rarely join anything.  I looked at My Lead Company, and it had all of the elements that I look for when picking a winner.  I don’t have a crystal ball, but I can tell you that I did join, I’m excited about it, and it even made me MORE excited about my primary company.

That being said, I’m not going to give you any links for you to join on this page, because I don’t like being “Pitchy” here on my main blog.  I did however build a website dedicated to marketing this, and if you want, you can CLICK HERE to review more information, find a link to join, or even leave me nasty comments… whatever you like.

In the meantime, here’s that video I promised earlier:

To The Building of Your Massive Empire,

"Why Did I Jump In That Ice Pond?"


~Aki Wood~

Phone: 858-345-4891


Skype: akiwood

**P.S. If you haven’t watched that video up there… you should. Trust me, you’ll love it.

***P.P.S. I don’t just jump on any opportunity. “No Bullshit,” My Lead Company is the real deal. You should seriously Join Now, it’s free anyways, so you have nothing to lose, and an Empire to gain… Let’s take a journey together.

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  1. Charles Holmes
    4 years ago


    My Lead Company sounds pretty good. Up until today, I had never heard of them.

    Thanks for providing such an unbiased review. I will go to their company website to check them out.

    Have a nice weekend man.

    • Aki
      4 years ago

      Sure Charles, no problem. If you look at the review, I’ve actually got some links to a website I built that has a lot more information. You can Click Here, and view it if you like, or Here to get the company website.

  2. Nikea
    4 years ago

    It’s not a secret anymore for whoever has been marketing online for sometimes that most of coaching programs do not work.I say this from my own experience I’ve spent thousands of dollars over 3 years from one coaching to the next…

    • Aki
      4 years ago

      I’m not sure what that has to do with this post Nikea… I almost deleted this as a spam comment because it doesn’t seem terribly relevant to what I’m talking about… However, I did want to respond because I both agree and disagree with your statement.

      Yes, many coaching programs are BS. However, if they can give that one piece of knowledge that can help someone have the breakthrough, they are worth every penny

      …Either way, that is kind of the point behind My Lead Company. It’s not a coaching program on how to get leads, its a company that offers leads as its product. The product itself is the perfect thing to get a new person started and moving in the right direction of success.

  3. Steven Schmeltzle
    4 years ago

    Sounds like My Lead Company could be a great way to add another source of income while getting leads to build your own business.

    • Aki
      4 years ago

      That’s what I saw when I looked at it. Good to see you Steven, it’s been a while. -Aki

  4. Great review of My Lead Company! We love how you break it down and give a truly honest opinion. You’re absolutely correct that it can’t hurt anything and it does give everyone an opportunity to share their opportunity with more people and possibly have a great source of income. Thanks for sharing Aki!

    • Aki
      4 years ago

      Thanks guys… it’s like I said, because it’s so new, its a crap-chute as to whether or not it is going to make it in the long run… BUT, at the rate it’s growing, in conjunction with the leadership, I predict a bright future. Time will tell, but the risk is so low that it’s no wonder that people are flocking to it by the thousands.

  5. Berna
    4 years ago

    Thanks for this review Aki, it is great to read some valuable posts on MLC.

    • Aki
      4 years ago

      Glad you liked it Berna.

  6. Patricia
    4 years ago

    Hi Aki,
    Your review about my lead company is awesome, actually this is a great idea for an additional income.

    • Aki
      4 years ago

      Yes Patricia, it is. If you haven’t jumped on it yet, you should hit me up.


  7. bob gee
    4 years ago

    So what is your thoughts on MLC now? I am an active member and got the original 13.32 in commissions then 2 hours later 84 cents…purchased 3 lead packs while the delays were happening then after the launch One more…LOL spent over 80 bucks and made 84 cents..must be the new math…Plus JR was involved in an internet scam come to find out and an FTC complaint the internet scam was Streamline International, a health products company. He made a significant amount of money before he was sued by the Federal Trade Commission.
    His forum banned me from asking where my commission was and how he arrived at the 84 cent figur with over 50% of the folks asking the same question…we got hosed plain and simple…


    • Aki
      4 years ago

      I’m still up in the air on it Bob… Honestly, I think JR is trying to do things right, but the company probably grew too fast for the infrastructure to handle it.

      In the future, they are probably either going to take off, or fall on their face…

      The concept is brilliant, the reality needs some work. As far as an FTC complaint is concerned, that doesn’t mean jack to me.

      The FTC could file a complaint about whatever they want, that doesn’t mean the business isn’t legitimate.

      As far as your investments verses your returns… I feel basically the same way about that. Getting a good return on investment is work, not prayer. MLC screwed up in that they posted commissions for people before they had triple checked it…

      …When they went through it, and got everything accurate, some of the commissions people thought they had were gone. The technical support side of the company has been a nightmare…

      …that being said, a lot of companies in launch phase have a lot of tech nightmares.

      …So, it a nutshell, my current stance on My Lead Company is “Curious.”

      If they can pull it off, they are going to be a Home Run; if not, they will be another chapter in the book, “Startup MLMs that Didn’t make it.” Then next couple of months will tell the story, and I for one am interested to hear it.


  8. Joel
    4 years ago

    Some eye-catching title! Love that your headline made me click the link. It was a good read.

  9. Richard
    3 years ago

    And after buying leads, you don’t get them until after you buy a domain name and a years hosting, which they don’t tell you about before you buy.

    • Aki
      3 years ago

      That wasn’t the case when they launched Richard, but honestly I have no idea what they are doing these days. I don’t promote them anymore for a handful of reasons, but that is another story.

      I believe you are referencing the Lead Capture System? That is separate from buying the leads if it is still being done the same. Personally, I am an internet marketer and would never pick up the phone and call through a lead list like that. The LCS just makes it so people can filter the leads.

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