The Raw Power Of Niche Blogs

What is Niche Blogging?

Niche Blogging is having a blog that has content that only revolves around a very specific niche.  A lot of people in this industry(including myself) tend to be all over the place with their websites.  Having a niche blog or website can really help get you away from all that.

You see, it isn’t altogether uncommon for individuals in this niche to promoting more than one business, product or tool.  Honestly, I think people should be, because quite frankly having several income streams verses having only one just makes sense.

Disclaimer: You should NOT create several niche blogs before you have one up and running.  Remember to walk before you run.

The only problem with this is that often times this means that people end up with a website that is a cluster F@#$ of pure promotion.  Again, this is okay for certain websites, but not all…

…This website is a perfect example.

When I first started marketing online, the only website that I had was this one.  The original goal was to have an awesome site, that was hilarious, fun, educational, and of course sold stuff(making me rich).

Well, it didn’t work out.  It was hilarious, fun, and educational, but it barely sold anything.  I made a little bit of money here and there, but I wasn’t rich, so I did what most people do from day one…

…I got promotional.

Just to be clear, I think that you should promote and sell stuff that you think is valuable on any site that you have.  On the flip side of that, I think that you should buy stuff from me that I am promoting because I promote good stuff.  The problem isn’t in the promotion, but in the balance.

What do I mean by “The Balance?”

Well, when it comes to promoting and selling, the ‘balance’ should be around 80/20.  In other words, provide 80% value or entertainment, and 20% of your material should be selling.

I should be clear and state that this applies to getting blog followers.  If you are writing a sales letter, you should be selling the whole damn time; by the time the person is done reading your letter, or watching your video, they should be foaming at the mouth, salivating, and frantically looking for their credit card, or trying to borrow money from their parents.

Party till dawn and Howl at the Moon.

“What the hell Aki, what on earth are you talking about???”

Absolutely nothing there, I just heard that phrase from Mike Woods on an old Amway tape a long time ago, and I still love it to this day.  No, I’m not in Amway, but I think they are awesome.

…Back to niche blogging…

I’m going to be honest.  This is an advanced marketing technique that I knew a little bit about, but really learned how to do it when I went through the 15K Per Month Formula(an awesome training series that is a steal for the $997 that it sells for).  When I say this is advanced, what I mean is that if you are brand new to the marketing game, you should stay away from trying to create a bunch of your own niche blogs.

This type of marketing is meant for people that already know how to build blogs.  If you don’t have your own website, and are looking to start marketing online, I would honestly go with a Viral Blogging system.’  If I would have had this from day one, I would have made money online from the beginning, and I wouldn’t have turned this blog into a clusterfuck like I have.

The good news is that now that I have several ‘niche blogs,’ I can now take this blog back to its roots.  Yes, I’ll still be selling stuff here(and you are of course welcome to buy at any time), but I’ll be able to go back to being educational, hilarious, fun, and awesome.

There wasn’t really a problem with the direction I took there for a while, but now, I’ll be able to deliver to you, the reader, exactly what you want:

‘No Horseshit’ news, updates, and humor about the direct sales, network marketing, affiliate marketing, and internet marketing industry(register for my ‘No Horseshit’ Marketing bootcamp in the sidebar for updates).

Here are some of the niche blogs that I’ve built so you can see a little bit more about what I am talking about:

  1. Empower Network Pimp:  As you can see, this blog needs some work.  The only reason I haven’t written several posts on the blog section, is that I am sending most of the traffic to this page(click here), and I already have a lot of single page content out about the Empower Network on some of my other blogs.  I’ll be putting a lot more content on this site soon.
  2. Wealth2Xtreme Review:  This is a decent little ‘Self Funded Advertising’ source that I am using.  I’m building content for it on this blog, and am working on turning it into a consistent, automated cash flow funnel.
  3. My Lead Company:  I built this site during their launch, and even though I’m not actively promoting them anymore, I left the site up.  Why?  Well, the site is still getting traffic, and it is kind of silly to delete content if eyeballs are still hitting it.  I’ve actually converted my join links into capture pages that promote my primary business, so it is a win/win.  MLC gets positive publicity, and I have a perpetual lead source.  I may even turn my marketing back on for these guys sometime… they had a messy launch, but there is still potential there.  Time will tell, but if I do, I’ve already got the blog set up with some content on it.
  4. Numis Network: Sadly, I built this blog right before I stopped promoting Numis.  Just to be clear, they are a great company, I just took another direction for personal reasons.  I’m leaving this up for the same reasons that I am leaving up the MLC blog.  It still gets traffic, gives positive publicity for Numis, and is a potential lead source for me.  The Numis Network is a great company, and if there is anyone out there looking to join it, contact me, and I’ll be happy to route you to a great sponsor.
  5. Viral Blogging System:  I’ve actually got some Huuuuge plans for this baby.  I’ve been doing some ‘experimental blogging’ here, that I believe may be more effective than all of my other blogging efforts combined when it gets rolling.  As you can see, I’ve been blogging about anything and everything here so far, and I am going to continue to do so, but in more of a structured fashion(actually now, I am using an automatic posting system that puts up 10 or more blog posts a day for me.  Automation is awesome(I’ll be doing a post on that soon).

If you are new to blogging, I recommend getting the Viral Blogging System because it is the perfect way for people to start creating content online.  Setting up a blog right is actually pretty hard.  I screwed the pooch on mine for the first 2 years or so, and cost myself a lot of money(I still made some $, but not nearly as much as I should have).

Once you start getting the hand of it, niche blogging is a great idea, but in the beginning, you simply want to focus on creating content, driving traffic, and making salesSales and commissions only come when you have high converting offers and sales funnels built into your blog.  This is why I strongly recommend the Viral Blogging System verses doing it yourself when you first start online, because if you are anything like me, your initial blog will end up looking like a horse’s ass(hell, mine still has horse’s asses on it).

The 15K Per Month Formula has a lot of great information on creating niche blogs, but I’ll break down some of the basics here for you.

  1. Deep in Content: Basically this means that you are driving the site heavy in content on the same subject.  This will typically help you with your google page rank, which will help you show up in the search engines.   Having several posts on the same subject will also increase the likely-hood that your visitors will continue to click on other tabs on your site to get more information.
  2. Build your sales funnels into it:  If you don’t know how to do this, pay someone to design your site.  I’m contemplating selling a blog setup service before too long, but honestly, it is a lot of work to set one up right, so we’ll see… but if you do pay someone to set up a blog for you, make sure they understand marketing(personally, I wouldn’t even think about touching a job like that for less than $5-700 minimum, and honestly, that is cheap).
  3. Have a domain that matches your product or service:  As you can see in the examples above, I have done this with 2 different techniques, subdomains(Numis Network, and My Lead Company), and regular Domains(this blog, Empower Network Pimp, and Wealth 2 Xtreme Review).  Honestly, I couldn’t tell you which one is more effective for SEO(you gotta shoot the shit with an SEO guru for that one, and good luck getting them all to tell you the same thing), but as of right now, I am of the opinion that an exact match regular domain is.  Besides, it is a little easier to drive traffic to a domain that people can remember, unless they are clicking on your link.
  4. Don’t mess with it unless you’ve already really figured out how to blog:  A lot of people screw the pooch with this one, and try to do too much too fast.  In the beginning, stick to the basics, create content, and drive traffic to a high converting, profitable offer(Like the VBS).

That’s all for today my friend, remember to stay positive and focussed, and stay tuned for more Lurid, Entertaining, and Educational Rants from the Evil Genius mind of Aki Wood.

To Your Success,

P.S. Seriously, if you want to get serious about Niche Blogging and SEO, I would Click Here and pick up the 15K Per Month Formula. The training on niche blogging alone is worth the $997 price tag, and it is literally less than 1/15th of what they go over.

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