The Power Of Change

Do You Have The Power Of Change?

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

“I was born a Catholic, I was raised a Catholic, and I am going to DIE a Catholic.”

“I would NEVER do that.”

….Ummmm, “HORSESHIT.”

Let’s just be real here, we all have the power of change, and the ability to become anything or do anything regardless of our background.power of change

I know fat people that got skinny, athletic people that got fat, my brother was homeless and got rich on the internet, a good friend of mine was a homeless drug dealer that got clean and then got rich on the internet…

…I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that YES, you have the power of change, just like every person on this planet has the power of change.  One of my brothers(not the ex-homeless dude), is a hypnotherapist, and he uses the changing power of the subconscious mind, via hypnotherapy to literally erase fears, phobias, bad habits like smoking, and just about anything you can think of in just a few sessions.

Sometimes it takes longer, but the bottom line is that each of us has the power of change in our subconscious mind

The best part is that the power to change is literally instant, the moment that a decision is made.  This hidden brain power is there to help you, all you need to do is access it, and you will tap your power to change.

You see, our subconscious brain power can be accessed, but it does need to be done properly.  since we are talking about the brain, and the power of change, Let me show you a hilarious physical demonstration, of changing power.

Why I Shaved My Head And Every Other Hair On My Body(yes, all of them, even my butt and balls)

Don’t worry, I didn’t cut this video when I was shaving my butt or my balls, just my head(and if you are bummed about that, well too bad).  I’ve been growing my hair out for about 3 years now, and honestly I love having long hair.

However, the power of change is instant, and shaving your head pretty much is too.  I basically did it as an outward representation of an inward change( a few of them actually), that I have made recently.

Some of you that are reading this have been following me for quite some time, and are used to Aki Wood, the long haired internet marketing goofball.  I’m still an internet marketing goofball, but now I’m just a very, very bald one(everywhere).

After you watch this video, you’ll know more about who Aki Wood is, understand the power of change a bit better, and get to peer into my hectic personal life as my beautiful children interrupt me over and over again.  Enjoy ;)

About The Brain

Don’t worry, all you hair enthusiasts out there, you do not have to shave your head or your butt to access the power of change that is waiting to give you instant change in your subconscious mind.  Mind power can be unleashed via hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, NLP(Neuro-linguistic programming), or even a dramatic experience that happens in your life.

Instant change is real.  If you want an inward change, and are looking to access the power of the subconscious mind, simply know that you have the power of change, you can use your mind power to accomplish virtually anything.  All you need to do is learn more about the brain, get some good hypnotherapy from a certified hypnotherapist, learn some NLP and do self hypnosis, or if you are a little crazy…

…You can go out there and shave your head, butt, and crotch(however, this is totally not necessary to access the power of change in your subconscious brain).

I hope you enjoyed the show, be sure to leave your comments below while you are here, and if you found this valuable, be sure to register for my newsletter, so you can get tons of great and entertaining information on the power of change, your subconscious mind, and how to make tons of money on the internet by blogging about whatever you want(because hell, its nice to change your bank accounts for the better too).

Embrace Your Power of Change,


power of change

P.S. Here’s what I look like now that I shaved my beard too.  Remember to register for my newsletter while you are here, and leave your comments below.  Love life my friend, because this year can be better than the last.

aki wood shaved head


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Leave A Reply (11 comments so far)

  1. Roland Leveille
    3 years ago

    Hey Aki, great stuff.

    Man if I had your hair I wouldn’t let go. haha

    At least yours will grow back. Mine would too but there would be a damn hole in the middle. Great video and awesome family you have.


    • Aki
      3 years ago

      Lol, yeah, I’ll probably grow it back, but I’m enjoying rocking the Lex Luthor. Thanks Roland, I’m glad you enjoyed the vid.

  2. Richard Arblaster
    3 years ago


    That is a radical departure from the locks :-D

    • Aki
      3 years ago

      Thanks Richard, always good to see you my friend.

  3. Kat Zapanta
    3 years ago

    I can’t believe you did that!!! Very cool though – change is awesome and doing something this drastic always makes crazy amazing stuff happen! :) 2013 is TRULY going to be EPIC!! :)

    • Aki
      3 years ago

      I agree on all accounts Kat. 2013 is going to be a damn good year.

  4. Jeanne Melanson
    3 years ago

    Awww, you’re handsome no matter what you do. See you in Austin?

    • Aki
      3 years ago

      Damn straight I’ll be there….

      …and thanks ;)

  5. Hubert
    3 years ago

    Great stuff Aki, respect! xD

  6. Valerie
    3 years ago

    It looks great, I also give my hair to locks of love. Isn’t it a great feeling of freedom. When did you take off all your hair? Fredrik has video with you in Austin and your hair is all back.

    • Aki
      3 years ago

      Lol, I wouldn’t say its ALL back; it was about 2 feet long. I’m with you though Valerie, it is a great feeling of freedom.

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