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Hey Everyone, this page is here for those of you who just like to watch my videos. I’m only going to put my personal favorites on this page, so if you like watching videos….ENJOY! Oh, and Newer Videos will be at the bottom, so it is in REVERSE order as my Rants!

Update: I should also note that this page is REEEAAAALLLLY old at this point, and these are pretty much the first videos that I made when I started marketing online.  However, there is still some pretty entertaining stuff here, and one of these days, I’ll actually get around to updating this page and putting some more recent videos up.  I don’t even currently market for all of the companies that I mention here.  If you want to know what I am currently up to, Click Here Commercial:

Social Proof That Network Marketing Works:

A Hilarious Ode to Hulk Hogan and The Thong Song:

Emotions Are a Choice… KEEP Watching; Trust Me:

Why You Should Love Amway:

The Importance of Family:

Chuck Norris V.S. Mustachules:

Bananas and Nuts; A David Wood Story:

If you enjoyed any of my videos, there is a good chance that you would also enjoy working with me.  I’m just a laid back dude that likes to enjoy life.  I have also figured out some really creative and fun ways to extract HUGE commissions from the internet.  Click Here if you would like to know how…

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