Revenge Of The Internet Wussies…

Revenge of the Internet Wussies… I can’t help but to laugh from that title.  It’s amazing how serious people take everything isn’t it?  If you are like me, you like to live life on your own terms and have fun.

A while back I posted a couple of comments in a thread about something I promote on   I didn’t bother responding for a while, because it is basically a huge waste of my time.  It’s like my dad used to always say:

“Don’t wrestle with a pig, because you both get dirty, and the pig likes it.”

I’ve generally found that to be good advice.  I’m going to post the last comment that I made on the forum here, and then talk a little bit about it:

******************Begin Forum Comment********************


I forgot how entertaining this thread was; I haven’t responded to anything here in quite some time, and I get to come back to being personally attacked!


For the record, my “Butt Monkey” comment was not ever in reference to EN; someone is quoting a sarcastic line from the Privacy Policy on My PERSONAL Blog(which is completely independent of the Empower Network), and taking it out of context.

Perhaps you would enjoy Politics.

I’m a total smart ass with my marketing because I like to enjoy what I’m doing, and have fun.

I’m not trying to attract everyone to my material; its called niche marketing.

The reason I stopped responding to this thread is that most of the arguments here are baseless, and there are much better uses of my time.

If you want to attack me, by all means, go to my personal blog(click here) and do it so I can at least defend myself properly.

Then people that read your comments will at least know whether or not what you are stating is a ‘Half quote’ that is or isn’t related to what you are talking about.

The only legitimate concern that I have seen raised in here is some people are questioning the value of the product.

Honestly, I could come up with thousands of testimonials of people that love the product independent of the opportunity…

…that being said, the product isn’t for everyone. Being that I am a Man, I have no use for vaginal cream; that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good product.

The Empower Network products are designed to help people with sales and marketing. The flagship product, our Viral Blogging System, is worth waaaay more than is being charged for it. If you are in the marketing game(network, affiliate, private business, etc), this product will likely be valuable to you.

If you have been in the marketing game for any length of time, and can make a legitimate argument against that, I would be fascinated to hear it…

…and by all means, come post it on my personal blog, so I will actually see your comment and respond to it.

…or just keep attacking me here and taking what I say out of context. If that makes you feel like an internet superhero, by all means continue.

Just like I don’t need vaginal cream, you might not need the Empower Network…

…and that is perfectly fine. Either way, the products are legitimate, the model is legal, and a lot of people are making money with it.

Like it or not, its working. The Empower Network is being built for the long term, honestly if it wasn’t, my brother, and David Sharpe, would have backed out after the first merchant issue…

…instead, they spent several hundreds of thousands, of their own money, and put it back into infrastructure and technology development.

I’ve seen scams come and go, what they do is take your money and run. We’re still here, and have attracted some of the best talent in the niche. That should tell you something.


*******************End Forum Comment*******************

To be fair, I could have called this post, “Charles Xavier Vs Magneto,” but “Revenge of the Internet Wussies” makes me laugh too hard.

There are two main types of people that pick up their swords and crusade against home-business opportunities.

  1. Wussies
  2. People that are really trying to help

The wussies are people that have quit, didn’t have the success they desired, and want to bring everyone down to their level.  It’s the ‘Crabs in a bucket’ concept.  You can put a bunch of crabs in a bucket, and when one starts to crawl out, the others pinch it, and pull it back in; you don’t even need a lid.  This is one of the big reasons that the law of association is so important.

Now lets move on to the people that are trying to help.  I think in terms of super heroes; I’ve collected comics my whole life, literally thought I could fly until I was 4, and still hope that someday a nuclear spider will bite me and make me into Spider-Man.  I used to have long conversations with my best friends discussing the possible ways we could give ourselves super powers.

It is actually this ‘Hero Complex’ that got me into the Network Marketing game.  At a very young age, I saw a lot of ‘Grown Ups’ suffering in the traditional system, working jobs they didn’t like, and wishing they were living somewhere else in the world.  I didn’t want any part of it, and I made a decision a long time ago to live a life that I enjoyed.

When I was still a teenager, I met some people that were rich and young, and they did it through Network Marketing.  I decided then that I would do it someday because, the way I saw it, this was a model that you make more money by helping more people make money.  If you really understand the math behind everything, that is where the true, walk away residual income comes from in this industry(helping others have success).

Honestly, I got beat up for a long time, and eventually quit the industry for a while because I ran into a lot of people that just wanted to take everyone’s money and run(the dark side of the industry).  Here’s the interesting thing though; I never blamed the industry.  I knew the industry worked because I personally knew a lot of people that were doing well with it.

If I blamed the industry, it would be like blaming the game of basketball if I lost every time I played.  What if someone that always lost said things like this:

“Well, basketball is just a stupid game; all of my friends and I lose every time we play.”

It sounds more to me like that person needs to get a good coach, learn some skills, and find some friends that know how to play the game.  It isn’t the ball’s fault, but the person that is holding it.

I have always been tall for my age, but when I was younger, kids that were 6-8 inches shorter than me would OWN me on the basketball court.  I didn’t know how to dribble, and had a funky shot that came from my waste.

One day I made a decision that I was going to learn the fundamentals and get good at the game.  I went from getting owned to being able to score at will; it wasn’t the ball’s fault, it was me that had the problem.

This second type of person(the one that is sincerely trying to help) is trying to get people to stop playing basketball because they sincerely think it is a bad game.  Its kind of like Magneto from the X-Men comics.

Professor Xavier didn’t want all of the people in the world to be a mutant; he just wanted the government to leave him, and his fellow mutants alone so they could live their lives the way that they wanted.  Magneto wanted to eliminate the humans, and let the mutants rule the world as the superior race.

Both sides feel like they are right, and by their own definition are ‘Super-Heroes.’  The reason that I compare people that crusade against home business to Magneto, is that rather than legitimately looking at an opportunity and making an educated statement as to whether or not something is a scam, they tend to label everything as a scam, or at least apply the “Guilty until proven innocent” approach.

“All Humans Must Die(All MLMs are Scams and Should Be Shut Down)!

Honestly, it is a form of bigotry: “I don’t like your model, so I am going to call it a scam.”  It’s very similar to hating someone because of their religious faith; just because they don’t agree with you, they are evil, and you are justified to hate them.

Honestly, I think jobs suck, but I don’t want everyone to stop working and get into the home based business niche.  It doesn’t work; the whole system thrives on people having the ability to choose their own path.  Employees are important, and the message that I deliver is not meant for someone that wants to work a job forever, and loves the traditional retirement system.

My message is meant for people that want to change their lives, are willing to work for it, and are trying to get out of the traditional system.  I want people to have jobs because then there will be people for me to pay to do the things that I don’t want to do.

…and HONESTLY folks, if you want a forum that is going to give honest feedback for people that want to make money on the internet, you will get much better feedback from than Scam.comThe Warrior Forum is mostly composed of people that are in the game and trying to make money on the internet; is mostly composed of people that think everything is a scam.

Both sites can be useful when trying to determine the value of a product, but from a personal standpoint, I would rather get straight forward information from someone that is in the game, and looking at things objectively, rather than from someone that thinks every money making opportunity is a pyramid scheme.

Anyways… I’m ranting at this point, so I’ll sum it up by saying this:

Don’t be a Wussy.  Yes, some there are some scams out there, but not everything is.  Find good sources of information when reviewing a product.  Don’t buy products you don’t have a use for(like vaginal cream if you are a man) and then get mad about it.  Know that it isn’t the ball’s fault, but the skills of the person wielding it in their hands.

See You At The Top,

P.S. Seriously, you should register for my “No Horseshit” Marketing bootcamp(Click Here). All I want to do is help you boost any business.

If you have ever wanted to be in the right place at the right time, with the right people there to help…

…Go register for the bootcamp; trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Oh, and if you want to start earning 100% commissions instead of the weenie little scraps that a lot of other people are tossing around like we are dogs begging at a table, take action, click here, and join the ‘Massive Commissions’ revolution.  Have a good day my friend!


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  1. Nicole Schuman
    4 years ago

    You really have a good humor!:D I agree with you that live life to the fullest and have fun! Thanks for sharing this..

    • Aki
      4 years ago

      Sure thing; thanks for stopping by and commenting Nicole. -Aki

  2. Chezzianne
    4 years ago

    Hi Aki…Life is very important especially if you haven’t reached your goals yet…So live life happily and be thankful for every day you wake up…

  3. MissDanni
    4 years ago

    Aki! Great read, loved it.

    Let me be the first to say that Empower Network and everything about it is simply BADASS!
    It works, it pays, its easy.

    Forget the wussies, they come from a group of people who are of the same mislead mindset, you know, the ones who still believe the world is flat, deny evolution and think the female “GSpot” is some elaborate hoax. Just because you can’t make it work for you, doesn’t mean its not real boys. :)

    • Aki
      4 years ago

      Really, the G-Spot is real? What do you mean the world isn’t flat? What kind of Scam is this Miss Danni? I’m not buying it! I’m going to go get my pitchfork and start an angry rant on a forum!

  4. Gen
    4 years ago

    You crack me up Aki. I have been reading your post for a while now. I think you make some very valid points here though and that is the important thing about marketing period. Not every product is for every person. And the thing that cracks me up about the haters of the EN is that most of them are not even bloggers in the first place. Or they are of the belief that they have to do it all themselves and every product for your blog is a scam.

    I also agree that not everyone wants to work from home. There are many people that are out there just happy getting up in the morning going to their jobs and having their life mapped out that way for them. Then there are those that want to break free. It is not our profession to convert anyone, just offer them the tools and skills to work in this field if they choose too.

    Okay off my soap box. Thanks for keeping everything so fun. You have a great sense of humor and I have always loved that saying don’t wrestle with a pig. We use that a lot down here in the south. =D

    • Aki
      4 years ago

      Well said Gen. I think the funniest one on that is the ‘Do it yourself bloggers.’ I build websites, and I am actually pretty good at it, as you can see from this site and some of my other Niche blogs. I’ve actually gotten better at building my sites since I studied and mimicked some of the features from the EN Blog…

      …my point being 2 things: 1. even experienced bloggers can get value from the system. 2. even if someone is a superman-ninja-badass blogger and already knows everything, their TEAM DOESN’T. Tracey Walker is a great example of that. She has been trying to teach people to blog for years, and until EN wasn’t able to get anyone to duplicate.

      Now, just a few days back, she had over a $4,800 day, and I believe is on track to make over $30,000 this month.

      Like you said, this product, and even this industry aren’t for everyone…

      …but this one is about is close as it comes because it gives value to experienced, and new marketers alike. Thanks for the comment Gen, you rock!

  5. Richard Arblaster
    4 years ago

    Hey Aki,

    Great post. Most of the ill thought out comments on forums and in particular on youtube are born out of jealousy and frustration with their own lives.

    It’s far easier to take pot shots at people who are doing something with their lives, than taking a look at their own situation and doing something about it.

    • Aki
      4 years ago

      Well put Richard; I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  6. Marisol Dennis
    4 years ago

    Hey Aki,
    This was HILARIOUS, super entertaining and very creative! Thanks for the insight Aki, I’ll have to drop by more often. Thanks for that great interview you gave my daughter Gabi at the “Don’t Be A Wussy 2012″ event in Atlanta. You ROCK my friend!

    • Aki
      4 years ago

      You bet Marisol; I’m glad you enjoyed the rant, and got some value out of the video that we cut in Atlanta. Hopefully, I’ll see you in San Diego! Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you back soon. -Aki

  7. Kimberley Tilley
    4 years ago

    Love your attitude Aki! Proud to be a part of Empower Network, because of badasses like you….and I mean that in the kindest way ;) Look forward to your next post….

  8. Solid points Aki! It’s ridiculous how others want to blame the whole system instead of looking at what they could’ve done differently or chosen something else that they felt passionate about. We are extremely grateful for this industry and agree that there are some bad things out there, but there are more good things that do work…. if you do the work. Empower Network is definitely a model that is working! The proof is everywhere! The fact that David & David put in their own money to ensure the progress just speaks volumes! Phenomenal company and phenomenal leadership to say the least! Whoever attacked you and Empower is a complete wussy and should probably go back to working the real scam, the 9-5 job. We agree that it’s ok to work a normal job if that’s your desire. We do need people to do the things we don’t want to do. That’s for sure! Ha! Ha! Thanks for being such a kick ass human being/Super Hero! You ROCK and we’re so glad to be connected and friends with you!

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