Riots in Egypt Reveal Osama Bin Laden’s Big Secret

Is there really definitive proof that Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden are actually the same person? Did the Riots in Egypt Reveal Osama Bin Laden’s Big Secret? Does the crisis in Egypt have anything to do with Network Marketing?  Watch this informative video so you can find out for yourself:

I don’t even know why all of these riots have occurred, but I do know that Greece and Egypt happened because the people there are in a state where they can’t afford to live comfortably anymore.  When people reach a breaking point, they march the streets and take beatings because dying for change is better than going hungry.  Unfortunately, we may not be far from reaching this point here in America…

…Moments ago, I had about 1,000 words written that had a bunch of philosophies and ideas pertaining to this subject… but I had a change of heart, erased them, and decided to do something different today.

I’d like to create an open discussion forum and pose the following questions: Where do you think the world is headed?  What do you think we can do about it? With the changes going on in America, and the rest of the Planet, what is the future of the network marketing industry?  What role will it play as the dust begins to settle? Do we even have a major crisis on the horizon?  If so, what can we do to prepare? …And for Fun… What do you think the odds are that Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden are the same person?

I seriously would love to hear your thoughts on all of this.  I think about a lot of this stuff(well, not really the Obama/Osama thing…) and I am willing to bet that some of you have some great insight that hasn’t crossed my mind.  The world is changing; what are you doing to prepare your Ark?  If riots do occur, are you going to be marching in the streets, or sitting back content, knowing that you found a way to avert the crisis?

The world wants to know what you have to say; Please put your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Ken /Mustachules
    5 years ago

    #1 Where do you think the world is headed?… THE SHITTER!!!!

    #2 With the changes going on in America, and the rest of the Planet, what is the future of the network marketing industry?…… For me it is going to be KIK ASSSSS becouse of my no loose attitude!!!!

    #3 What role will it play as the dust begins to settle?….. For many it will be a new future For the dumb asses it will still be a PYRAMID THING

    #4 Do we even have a major crisis on the horizon? ………………BROTHER WE BE FUCKED!!!!!!!

    #5 If so, what can we do to prepare? …More ammo and Make LOVE to every beautiful woman we come across!! You know just in case. ( unless we are married of coarse. Then just resort to answer #4)

    #6 And for Fun… What do you think the odds are that Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden are the same person?….. Personally I think their lovers and playing hide the lollipop as we speak

    • Aki
      5 years ago

      LOL, that’s awesome Ken, I’ll send the single ladies your way.

  2. Benjamin Starner
    5 years ago

    I think currency will fail globally… riots will increase… their will be staged “Alien” encounters globally… the love of the greater number will cool off… religion will be destroyed… and everyone will run to their favorite “institutions” hoping to get saved but will be sadly deceived in the end -

    • Stephanie Deneke
      5 years ago

      Ben, you’re usually the funny guy, but this time I think you’re dead on and serious. There will be false prophets and mass suicides and homicides based on people freaking out and claiming it’s the end times. (Don’t drink the kool-aid.)

    • Aki
      5 years ago

      I’m right with you, but I think the Alien encounters may be real.

  3. Stephanie Deneke
    5 years ago

    Where do you think the world is headed?
    Into chaos, hyperinflation, turmoil and revolution that is unprecedented. How soon will that happen? No clue. And anyone that thinks “the gov’t won’t let that happen” is an idiot because it’s that kind of thinking that brought on these riots. People put too much trust in he gov’t to take care of things.

    What do you think we can do about it?
    That one might be beyond me to guess. But I do think we’re going to see more people that go off and disappear in the woods or mountains and start over (Like the people in the movie “The Village” LOL,,, or we’ll have more repeat incidents of Ruby Ridge)

    With the changes going on in America, and the rest of the Planet, what is the future of the network marketing industry?
    I see a mad influx of people getting into MLM in the next few years because their jobs are going to be disappearing. They’re going to be concerned about where their next paycheck is coming from and I don’t think we’re going to be seeing them getting into things like juices or vitamins either. When the shit hits the fan people aren’t concerned about their health, good health will become a luxury. They’ll be focused on how can they get the maximum leverage out of the Network Marketing industry.

    What role will it play as the dust begins to settle?
    As the dust settles I think we’ll see different MLM companies emerge that are going to be creating new product categories that will open up people that used to be closed off to MLM. Traditional ideas of MLM aren’t going to gain new distributors like they used to.

    Do we even have a major crisis on the horizon? If so, what can we do to prepare?
    I see where there’s going to be a huge split. Those that knew it was coming and aren’t surprised. And those that stay in denial. Maybe the crisis won’t come to a huge apocalyptic climax. However, the changes in the world will allow the people willing to see what happens to be creative and start living on their own terms. Whereas those that are going to stay in denial are going to see the worst of it. They will rely on someone else to solve it for them. I believe we will be going back to a time when people are going to be more entrepreneurial and independent. And those that don’t embrace it will see themselves in serfdom. And I agree with Ben up above that people will be turning to their chosen institution for salvation only to find they should have taken care of themselves instead of following someone that had their best interests in mind and not the interests of the people that came to them for help.

    …And for Fun… What do you think the odds are that Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden are the same person?
    What odds? They ARE the same. LMFAO. jk. That’s some funny shit right there. Watching the vid I was thinking 2 things “whoa, there is a lot of resemblance” and “whoa, this dude has a lot of time on his hands to make up this stuff and then to make this video”

    • Aki
      5 years ago

      I find it interesting that the dominant response to all of this is, “We’re Fucked.” I totally agree, and I also agree with my brother that we are going to find a way to pull it out in the end. The most riveting tale in the history of time may be right around the corner, and that is just as scary as it is exhilarating.

      Good thoughts; I hadn’t considered all of that.

      • Stephanie Deneke
        5 years ago

        Yah, I watched Dave’s vid (The Beaches, not The Snakes) right after this and totally agreed if the US gov’t would just pull the pacifier out of mouth of the world. That people would realize they had to do something for themselves instead of sitting on their hands saying “They” should do something about this.

        That’s what started the trouble. The lazy people turned into the loudest whiners and the gov’t responded. Perfect lesson to be careful what you ask for.

  4. Randy Davis
    5 years ago

    Where are we heading? I can’t speak to the rest of the world, but if Americans don’t wake up, then we will be in the same boat as Greece and Europe. We need to hold our elected officials accountable. The November election was a start but if these folks don’t make some drastic changes, we need to boot the rest of them out and put people in that will uphold the constitution.

    We need to return America back to what it was, a land of opportunity, not a land anti-business regulations. So many complain about businesses leaving this country to China, India and Mexico. It is not the corporations fault, it is our government that has implemented such high taxes and strangling regulations.

    Why do you think so many Americans are moving to other parts of the world to retire. If you can’t afford to retire here, then move to Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica, or Honduras. There you can retire in style for a fraction of the price. The same is true of our companies. If they can’t afford to do business here, they go to where they can.

    Americas need to wake up.

    • Aki
      5 years ago

      The Constitution? Whats That? I was under the impression that was a fairy tale like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Superman.

  5. Dave Englert
    5 years ago

    Pres. Osama Obama, now that’s funny! Hmmm, I wonder if it’s true? LOL

    • Aki
      5 years ago

      LOL, I doubt it, but it’s pretty hilarious.

  6. David Wood
    5 years ago

    LMAO! I can’t believe you put that video at the end man.

    For my opinions on what’s going to happen – I’ll point to my last blog post and this:

    However, at the end of the day – we’re going to win this man :)


    • Aki
      5 years ago

      I agree, I believe that we will win in the end. I just wanted to see if anyone else out there had some good ideas as to how we were going to do that.

      …Yeah, I almost didn’t post that video, but it was just too damn funny.

  7. Kevin D Stroud
    5 years ago

    I saw David Wood post this on Face Book and I’m glad I stopped by. Quite a unique blog site you have there. I respect the fact that you add some geo political content to the mix.

    • Aki
      5 years ago

      Yeah, I have fun with it. Nice to have you here Kevin, stop by anytime.

  8. Blaine M Brazzle
    5 years ago

    Where do you think the world is headed? It is an inevitable reset.History shows that every 75 years and major financial crisis occurs. The last one was the stock Market Crash and the Depression in 1929…so we are far overdue for that financial shift to occur again. It will destroy the poor and middle class and make the rich richer. The last time it created more millionaires than ever in history, and when it happens again, more millionaires will be created. Men like Rockefeller and Walton created vast fortunes from providing oil and necessities and jobs. The already rich, who have themselves properly positioned to take advantage of what is going to happen, will make more money than they ever have before…and will help reestablish a working system again, will provide jobs (again, for better or worse), and will be the power of the land…just as they always have been…and always will be.
    What do you think we can do about it? Globally, Nothing. Locally, Nothing. It will happen, it is only a matter of time. Spend your time wisely and become financially educated, and you can come out of it better than everyone else will. For the entrepreneurs of the planet, know you are the only hope that exists for mankind. The masses will rely on us to give them the food, shelter, and basic cable that they will so desperately need.
    What is the future of the network marketing industry? A network of people who are connected to the same vision and have the capacity to create hope and wealth in others while creating wealth and hope for themselves…with a business model that relies on helping others…we can help the planet to regroup and carry on. The “network” in network marketing mean we will also be connected to visionaries and business minds that can create what the planet needs to function after everything has been reset. Which is the role it will play as the dust begins to settle.
    Do we even have a major crisis on the horizon? Maybe 2012 is an important date after all. Maybe it is the time when the planet must reset to carry on. The Mayans didn’t say it was the end of the world, they said it was the end of a cycle. Do you see the cycle that needs to end? Endless spending and an over flowing cauldron of debt and fiat currency, while the planet tears itself apart at the seems because of it. Staples needs to get rid of the “Easy” button, and roll out the “Rest” button.
    If so, what can we do to prepare? Read and learn all you can about business, markets, income producing activities, and buidl as much wealth of knowledge..and income that you quicly as possible.Learn more about building businesses,align yourself with great business minds from every area of business and finance, learn how to invest in Multi-unit properties (where are the people going to stay, when the dust settles…at my apartment complexes), build a network marketing business to align yourself with people who know how to do…all of the above…and who can teach you to do the same. Oh…and get your hands on as much gold and silver as possible…gold has stood the test of time and all of our mankind’s history..and silver makes for great bullets if you really need them to take out the poor pillagers raiding your mansion for food and shelter.
    …And for Fun…
    Bin Laden has a wider nostrils, the video said they had the same cartilage part…but the nostrils are completely different.
    ===================>THE END<=====================================

    • Aki
      5 years ago

      Well said. One thought to consider is that Michael Jackson also once had wider nostrils. LMAO, like I said, I don’t believe it either for about 50 different reasons. I found the eyes and ears thing most intriguing. The funniest part to me was when he said the eyebrows got bushier after 4 years of regrowth! How many people do you know that you haven’t seen for 4 years, and in the meantime their eyebrows have quadrupled in size? Did Osama Bin Laden, Leader of the Taliban, Religiously Pluck his Eyebrows? I’m pretty sure they cut your testicles off for that sort of thing in the middle east.

  9. Tom
    5 years ago

    This is one thing and one thing only… World Population.

    The world cannot sustain the population growth… in fact it can’t sustain the population as it is today. AIDS was meant to fix it without harming the economy but it hasn’t, HAARP killed many but was deemed environmentally unstable.

    So now we head to the worst-case scenario poverty and global anarchy.

    Life as we know it, will be no more within the next five years.

    Good luck

    • Aki
      5 years ago

      Interesting view, Tom. Honestly there is a lot of information out there concerning different things that may be going on, and that is one of them that I’ve read and pondered on too.

      In a lot of ways it’s like the philosophical paradox: If killing an innocent child would cure cancer, would it be the right thing to do?

      There are too many people on the earth. We are like a parasite that has grown deadly, and the whole planet, including ourselves is suffering because of it.

      So, just like the paradox… what is the right thing to do, eliminate enough of the parasite to restore balance? Let the problem sort itself out? I honestly don’t know the answer, Tom, and I wonder where things are headed.

      The one thing I have to say is that “The Illuminati,” or whoever is pulling the strings that run this puppet show, have an interesting choice, and quite a moral dilemma.

      I agree that the human race has gone beyond it’s carrying capacity… What Now? Wiping the planet clean is horrific and vile from a moral standpoint, however from a logical standpoint, taking morals out of play, it makes a lot of sense.

      Just to be clear, that isn’t something I either advocate, or hope occurs(I pray the powers that be come up with a humane, non-violent solution), it’s just something I have thought about.

      Good Luck to you too, Sir.

  10. jenchen
    5 years ago

    Where do you think the world is headed?
    Earth is headed for total destruction-why because the world is totally destructive-so it is attracting the same to itself,
    simple law of reality=you get back what you give out.

    What do you think we can do about it? People will have to deprogram -and learn the truth-they believe lies now
    that evil is good, revenge, power over others-inequity-prisons-punishment, oppression, slavery, are good.
    That it is OK to allow suffering-because some deserve it, that we must ignore that some hoard great wealth-left unused-while many starve and die from lack of their basic human rights.
    People are separate-enemies to one another. Willing to commit any act of depravity and be proud to do it.

    With the changes going on in America, and the rest of the Planet, what is the future of the network marketing industry? What role will it play as the dust begins to settle? Do we even have a major crisis on the horizon? If so, what can we do to prepare? …And for Fun… What do you think the odds are that Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden are the same person?

    OBama is Egyptian-not black-he is the antichrist- Jeane Dixon made a prophecy of him he was born Feb 5 1962.
    he hides his birth-because of the prophecy.
    He has taken on a false identity.
    Osama is dead.
    There is no movement on earth today towards making the earth a heavenly place for all-
    no effort to make the world like God would want it-happiness for all-by the united effort of all people to accomplish that.
    The opposite is occurring-ever movement and power is making the world Hell for all-destroying anything that was formerly good,
    The antichrist will destroy you all-and it will be a good thing-because you all are destroying the world God gave you and each other.
    destructive-greedy egotists with no good in them-attract the same to them as their leaders.
    It is all over,
    If you all loved one another-as equals-rid the world of money and share all equally-the strong helping the weak-if you were not selfish-violent-sadistic-without any conscience-if you demanded the end to all suffering
    stood up to evil-and did not join with it against others-as long as you are willing to be satan’s soldiers-and police-satan will destroy you-and that is why he should.
    but that will not happen will it.
    Evil draws to itself-evil-until it is destroyed, the story of earth-no one will miss you-quite the contrary.
    Peace at last.

    • Aki
      5 years ago

      I for one have faith that there is still a lot of good left in the world. Yes, evil and destruction are running rampant… I’m not so sure about Jeane’s prophecy relating to Obama though, being that she said that “Before the close of this century, he will bring together all mankind in one all embracing faith.” Last time I checked, Obama never did that.

      Either way, thanks for the insight; I hadn’t really read into Jeane Dixon before. I’m not sure if I am translating you’re prophetic rant correctly, but I think you are saying that we are all evil and that we are destroying the world, and deserve to die…

      …if so, wow, that’s kind of dark dude, especially since you don’t know us. Either way, thanks for coming by; it’s always nice to view the opinions out there. Sorry if I translated your epistle incorrectly. :) -Aki

  11. Lemuel Dinges
    5 years ago

    It’s oddly foreseeable that a lot of those celebrating Bin Laden’s demise are also so delusional they can be stating things like, “America is the freest country on the planet.” Cost of 9/11? Several hundred thousand at the most. Cost of seeking out Bin Laden? We have been bankrupt. That was his primary goal. In death, he is nonetheless successful.

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